Five best table foods for baby

When your baby is turning 12 months, if he/she is pushing away the spoons and trying to feed himself using his own hands, it is the sign that he can move on to finger foods. Try some soft and mushy food and see if he/she likes it.

Figure foods can also improve your baby’s fine motor skills while he/she uses the little fingers to grab tiny, bite-sized pieces.

The following is a list of nutrient-rich food that you may consider:

Shredded cheeses or cottage cheese: full of calcium that can help strengthen your baby’s bones.

Diced soft fish, such as tilapia or tuna: providing Omega-3 which can supports your baby’s brain, nervous system, and eye development.

Additional shopping list for your baby

Our main page ( provides a comprehensive shopping list for your new baby.

Here are something else you may also consider when you shop for your new baby or try to set up a baby registry:

When your baby arrives, you will spent tons of time feeding your baby. Thus it is absolutely important to have the right feeding gears for your baby and for yourself too! Besides what we have recommended on our feeding page, you would want to buy a nursing pillow, such as the My Best Friend Nursing Pillow (link).

It is not uncommon that new babies get diaper rash in their first year. So be prepared! Always use baby wipes each time you change his/her diaper, and make sure the skin is dry. Put on some baby powder if necessary. If mild diaper rash has already been developing, try Baby Bee Diaper Ointment or Desitin.

Remember: always consult with your pediatrician if you don’t know what you are doing.

EuroBathWhen it comes to bathing time, you will need a baby bathtub. The PRIMO EuroBath is a great choice because its unique design keeps your infant and toddler in the ideal bathing position. It is bigger than some other popular baby bathtubs and therefore your baby will not grow out of it.

Baby View MirrorWhen you child is sitting in a rear facing car seat (see our recommendations for car seats here), you want to have the Baby View Mirror on your car so that you can know how your little one is doing on the back seat. And you may consider to get a pack of the “Baby On Board Sunscreen” to prevent excessive sunshine.